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    Original HTC Touch Pro 2 High Performance Battery

    Item Code:WPW9-DP1-83P7
    Price: $31.95
    Fits the AT&T and T-Mobile Model. For the Sprint and Verizon models - see other section: 
    Condition:Guaranteed Brand New [Details]
    Brand:Manufactured by HTC

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    The original HTC Touch Pro 2 battery provides 1350 milliamps of power. One year warranty. Manufactured by HTC. If you find yourself texting your friends, updating your social media sites, all of these things drain the power out of your phone. A spare battery on hand will make sure your phone has all the power it needs.

    • Type: Lithium Ion
    • Warranty: One Year
    Currently offered on: AT&T and T-Mobile

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    Original HTC Touch Pro 2 High Performance Battery
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