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    Only New Products Sold - No Gimmicks

    As you shop around on the internet it can be confusing on who to trust, where to buy. We have been serving the online community for over 10 years and have seen many fly by night websites come and go selling low quality merchandise that is misrepresented. In fact, as the economy suffers, we see more and more websites showing up selling what they claim to be new or quality merchandise to only secret shop the site and see they sent out used or inferior parts and equipment.

    Our Product is Brand New
    Time and time again we see websites selling product but one problem exists, the product is what is referred to by those in the industry as A stock. What is A stock you ask? A stock is merchandise that originates when a phone is recycled or donated to a charity. A phone that is donated will usually get spruced up before being distributed at a charity such as shelters for battered women, etc. The battery that is in the cell phone will be replaced with a new battery, the charger will be replaced with a new one before the phone is handed out. What happens to those chargers and batteries you ask? They are headed for the garbage since they are worn out but somehow they end up making it back into the market place and onto online websites being sold as "new". Why would you pay for merchandise that was headed for the garbage? You wouldn't but in fact these products end up all over the internet and ends up being sold to you, the unsuspecting customer. Did you know that 8 out of 10 websites are selling used batteries, headsets and chargers as "new". It is simple to check, simply look at the battery contacts when you receive a battery and if you see wear marks on the contacts, that means that battery is very used.

    All of our product is very closely quality controlled. All of our product originates from the factories, is all brand new, sure to be compatible with your phone and sure to last. We do not cut corners and sell you inferior or used products for your cell phone.

    We are Authorized Retailers and Distributors
    We have been a authorized dealer for many major brands since the turn of the century. The merchandise we buy comes straight from the factories and quality is assured.

    Based in the United States, Ship from within the United States
    We are located in the United States and all of our product ships from within the United States. We do not deceive you into thinking anything else. We are located out of Long Island, New York and we ship from our location as well. We do not pass your order onto a company in China and send you inferior quality of products and A stock product and make you wait 3 weeks to receive your order.

    The Lowest Total Cost
    Our prices are rock bottom for quality, brand new products. Our prices are at least 60% off of any retailer or any manufacturers price. We do not make up for the low prices by charging you high shipping rates. We refer to the total cost as the cost of the product plus shipping.


    Compare our prices to any retail store that sell brand new quality product and you will see that our prices are a fraction of the price for the same or comparable items.

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    Only New Products Sold - No Gimmicks
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