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    LG Rumor 2 Home and Travel Wall Outlet/ Car Chargers

    Keeping a charger for your LG Rumor 2 in the glove box of your car is a great idea in case you are on the road and need to make an emergency call but have no power left in your phone. Keep a charger at the office, one in the car and your LG Rumor 2 will always have be there when you need it.

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    LG Rumor 2 Car Charger Adapter: Premium Pro Edition

    LG Rumor 2 Car Charger - Classic Edition

    LG Rumor 2 Charger for Home and Travel

    Original LG Rumor 2 Cell Phone AC Home and Travel Wall Charger

    Original LG Rumor 2 Wall Charger With USB Cable

    Original LG Rumor 2 USB Data and Charge Cable

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    LG Rumor 2 Home and Travel Wall Outlet/ Car Chargers
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