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    Apple iPhone SE Charging USB Data Cable
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    Item Code:WRF8-NL8-70M5
    Our Price: 5.95
     Standard 3 Feet - 5.95 Apple Certified
     Extend Mine to 6 Feet Long - 7.95 Apple Certified

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    • Certified Apple - It really works!
    • Fully compatible with all Apple operating systems including iOS 10.x
    • Slim charger design - it fits into all case openings to plug into your phones charger port (and we tested every case we know of in the market) unlike most other cables for your Apple phone
    • Designed to work with the Apple iPhone SE

    The certified Apple iPhone SE USB charging and data cord is made to plug into any USB charger to charge up your Apple iPhone SE and it will also plug into your computer USB port to charge up your phone as well. In addition, this cord allows you to transfer data between your computer and your Apple iPhone SE to synchronize schedules, contacts, pictures and files.

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    Apple iPhone SE Charging USB Data Cable
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