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    LG Rumor Reflex Hands Free 2.5 Audio Adapter

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    The audio adapter is designed for the LG Rumor Reflex:

    • LG Rumor Reflex

    If you have any of the above model of phones, before you use a standard hands free headset with your LG Rumor Reflex cell phone, you will need to plug in the 2.5mm audio adapter in order for the headset to work. Just plug this audio adapter into your cell phone to convert the audio. This adapter allows you to use a 2.5 headset with your LG Rumor Reflex phone.

    • Easily installs; simply plug the audio adapter into your LG Rumor Reflex cell phone audio jack; then plug in any 2.5mm, two ring headset into the audio adapter
    • One year warranty

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    Currently offered on: Sprint

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    LG Rumor Reflex Hands Free 2.5 Audio Adapter
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