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    Casio G'zOne Brigade Standard Lithium Ion Battery

    Item code:WVE2-FX5-89M2
    Compare at: 39.99
    Our Price: 22.95
    Condition:Guaranteed Brand New [Details]
    Brand:Manufactured by Casio

    The original Casio G'zOne Brigade battery provides 1440 milliamps of power. One year warranty. Manufactured by Casio. The original Casio battery will make sure you always have power to keep in touch with your friends, family and business contacts.

    • Type: Lithium Ion
    • Warranty: One Year
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    Currently offered on: Verizon Wireless

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    Casio G'zOne Brigade Standard Lithium Ion Battery
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    Casio G'zOne Brigade Standard Lithium Ion Battery
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